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When I first dipped my toes into the floral world, the main thing that held me back was the lack of educational opportunities. I couldn't justify giving up school and my other plans with the little education I did have. I needed more! It took me a year and a half and lots of money before I started my "side hustle" of floral design. But even after that, it took several months of running a business before I could feel confident in the business side of things. For this reason I offer a one-of-a-kind floral education course. During your Eight weeks with us we cover everything from technique, flower identification, mechanics, social media, business set up, and client consultations. At the end you are even given an opportunity to work in one of Utah Valleys wedding venues to create your very own installation and bridal bouquet to be photographed by multiple photographers to start you a professiYou will be given hands on experience and mentoring sessions to give you all knowledge and experience needed to start your floral design career. 

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Starting January 17th, ending March 17th. Class is held twice per week each Tuesday via zoom and Thursday in person at my home in Provo. Our final photoshoot to be scheduled following class. Absences should be scheduled in advance, and notice should be given to instructor, and made up at the end of the course.


Jan 17th - 27th

Boutonnieres, corsages, hair pieces, bow making, wiring & taping. Learn how to properly care for, cut, and process flowers and extend their life. Learn the first  ½ of year round common/ stable florals & foliage and where they come from. Work on confidence with social media and building a network.


February 21st - March 3rd

Bridesmaid + bridal bouquets.

Learn to conduct wedding consultations, typical orders/ bids, & process/prep for all day events as well as what is expected of you.Learn about seasonal & tropical florals / foliage pricing and availability. Learn about algorithms and showing up on instagram. 


$1600. This will cover the cost of florals + supplies and instruction all the way through our final photoshoot, which will include creating a floral installation + bouquet, multiple skilled photographers, models, gowns, and other vendors. Half the cost is required to hold your spot, and the remaining balance by the first day of class.


January 31st - February 10th

Commercial arrangements. Paper wrapped bouquets, centerpieces, funeral/ floor pieces. Second half of year round staple florals and foliage names. Meanings and uses of colors, principles of design, purchasing options. Helpful apps for content creation and social media + floral guest speakers.


March 7th - 17th

Installations, table scapes, & bridal bouquets. Learn to create business license, logo, website and setting up accounts with wholesalers. Options for accepting payment and calculating tax. Review/ “test” your knowledge of flowers. We help you apply skills and get you prepared to begin a career.

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