Bri Booked with me in December of 2020. She was inspired by a bouquet I had created using a unique color pallet that year and we worked together to get the blooms and colors just right. Her sealing day was absolutely breath taking. We used a variety of stems that executed a subtle wild flower theme perfect for any bride hoping to stand out. The White Shanty has a chandelier that was perfect for our suspended installation. They also have a variety of backdrop structures and the triangle shape gave a hint of modern Boho. We used bud vases for the tables - my favorite centerpiece option. The dimension these can give any tables cape is why I love them. They also allow you to admire the individual details of each flower. Bri was an absolute dream to work with, and I was so blessed to be given an opportunity for creative freedom that got me even more excited for a summer of flowers. Photos by Ashley Teresa


Parvofolia Eucalyptus, Dark Blue Delphinium, Purple Ranunculus, Toffee Rose, Eryngium, Double Feverfew, Lilac, Cream Hypericum Berries, Quicksand Roses, Purple Cornflower

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